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spezielle Lesung mit Tarot/Pendel/Runen

I provide an indepth look into your current situation and into how things will develope into the Future. For questions that can be answered with a YES or NO, I like to use the Pendulum, it is also very well suited if you have to choose between which path you should be taking. E-mail readings are also offered and will be processed in a speedy manner (no later than 24 hours after posting the request). I always do follow ups for free in the week past a reading, I find that most people forget to ask questions and are grateful to recieve a chance to have all of their concerns adressed. In any E-mail reading you may ask as many questions as you feel fit, the price is not limited to a set amount of questions that you have. Readings in german or english only please!

Experience & Qualifications

I have Experience in the field of reading Tarot/Runes and Pendulum since my childhood and was an aprentice to a 90 year old polish Lady for over 2 years. I have provided solutions to my friends/ Family and Lawyer and some of his clients and friends for several years now.


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