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Talk to Medium Allard - Psychic Reading and Hellsehen & Wahrsagen in Louisville now. 1 years of experience in Hellsehen & Wahrsagen.

About Medium Allard's Services:

Natural born psychic, Clairvoyant , Astrologer & Tarot Reader. More than 40 years experience.

I promise to help you by telling you exactly what I see and feel through my readings without any sugar coatings to make you feel better. No false hopes so please be prepared for the truth if you want a reading from me. I promise to make a lot of difference in your life by putting you on right track based on what my reading shows and with my long term experience. Let me help you to solve any problems like love & relationship, career, finance, or any burning question in your mind through my mediation and help you know the truth. My ambition is to retain my callers and have life term relationship with them. This would only be possible through my honest reading and your satisfaction.

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as an intuitive psychic reader for more than 35 years. My Clairvoyance gives images of the past, present and future, the Clair-audience connects with loved ones, guidance from the other side and angels, and the Intuitive Sensations I get translate the deep feelings on the emotional plane. Man has a free will; this is the foremost spiritual principle. Because of this, a person is able to make his own decisions that shape his own future as well. In this process he will have experiences that help him grow and mature as a human being. At times the person will find himself at cross-roads or at challenges for which he seeks guidance. Therefore my psychic readings are complemented by spiritual counseling in order to help a person to find his path and the right considerations and the right things to do. The confidence and trust the consultant will have from such guidance is, that he is personally addressed from the other side. He often gets information that is very personal and concerns only him and could not be known by somebody else. These instances, when beyond any doubt prove is given that he is well known and loved by the other side, I indicate as controlling instances as to accentuate the authenticity and truthfulness of what is being seen and said. My clients and I deeply appreciate this great willingness of the other side to help and comfort us. This is also why I have many wonderful regular clients that have been returning to me for several years! The most recent years I have worked online at several sites as a psychic medium and worked together with many colleagues in the Netherlands at numerous events and on television.


Master-degree in Business Administration. Several diploma’s in Finance and Life insurance [Netherlands]. As a Clairvoyant and Medium I have been screened and tested as a psychic medium by St. Enigma in the Netherlands.

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